Small but spacious: the Airbus A319-100

The Airbus A319-100 feels just as spacious as its larger counterparts despite being the smallest of the A320 family in the Lufthansa Group fleet. With a fuselage of roughly 34 meters, the A319-100 is 3.8 meters shorter than the A320 model in its standard configuration. A pilot trained to fly an A319 can easily fly any other member of the family too. Maintenance procedures can also be carried out more easily – and at lower cost – because the aircraft are so similar.

Airbus A319-100 seating plan for download

PDF Download Seat plan Airbus A319-100

Airbus A319-100
Length33.84 m
Wingspan34.10 m
Height11.76 m
Max. cruising speed840 km/h
Max. altitude12,100 m
Max. takeoff weight68,000 kg
Max. landing weight61,000 kg
Range*3,350 km
Cabin width3.7 m

* with full payload