We are especially happy to welcome our little guests on board. For you and your family, the flight should be fun and easy. You can find the most important information and documents on travelling with children and unaccompanied children listed below.

Our fares are based on the age of your children. We offer two different child fares:

Infant fare: Babies (0-2 years) travel free of charge on domestic routes without their own seat or for 10 per cent of the regular fare on all other routes.

Child fare: Children from 2 years of age and up to the age of 11 require their own seat and travel for 75 per cent of the regular fare on most routes and almost all fares. Please note that babies who turn 2 during the journey require their own seat and the Child Fare applies.

Babies (0 - 2 years) are entitled to a free baggage allowance of 23 kg with a circumference of 158 cm, regardless of the fare booked (except Economy Light fare), itinerary and Miles & More status. 
For children older than 2 years, the same free baggage allowance applies as for adults, according to the booked fare.

Own booster seats, a child seat, baby cots and foldable prams can be taken free of charge as additional hand baggage. Foldable prams can be handed in at boarding. They will be returned to passengers after landing.

You are welcome to bring your own child restraint system on board, provided it is a product accepted by Lufthansa City Airlines. 

By taking your own child restraint system on board you confirm that

  • you are aware of the airline’s general conditions of carriage,
  • Before boarding your flight, check whether the child restraint system is suitable for air travel. For information about currently available child seats, TÜV Rheinland publishes an overview on its website at the following link. Child restraint systems that consist only of belts attached over and/or around the backrest of the seat cannot be used on board. The child restraint system must only be attached using the seat’s lap belt.  There is no possibility of attaching ISOFIX equipment.
  • the child restraint system is in perfect working order, you are familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions for the system’s use and fitting in an aircraft and you can attach the child restraint system to the passenger seat on your own. Please understand that, regrettably, our flight attendants will not be able to help you fix the child restraint system in place.
  • You have agreed that the child restraint system must be checked in as hold baggage if it cannot be fitted properly to the passenger seat.
  • So-called “comfort devices” that are attached to the passenger seat or placed in the footwell (e.g. inflatable cubes, seat extenders, etc.) may not be used on board Lufthansa City Airlines flights for safety reasons.

Points to note when booking and checking in

The use of a child restraint system is, of course, free of charge. Please note, however, that the child restraint system must be attached to a passenger seat. For children/babies (under 2 years), therefore, you must purchase a CHILD ticket. In this case, you must bring a child restraint system for your child/baby (under 24 months) with you. Otherwise, the child/baby must sit on an adult’s lap throughout the flight despite the purchased seat. The child restraint system must not impede other passengers in the event of a possible emergency evacuation. The following rules are therefore in place in relation to boarding and seat designation; please observe these when checking in and choosing your seat.

We recommend that you choose a window seat for the child using the child restraint system. As the accompanying adult, you should take the seat next to them in any case.

If an adult is travelling with more than two children aged under 24 months, it must be ensured that enough seats are booked and that the passengers provide child restraint systems.

Up to the end of the 36th week of pregnancy or up to four weeks before the expected date of birth, expectant mothers with an uncomplicated pregnancy can fly with Lufthansa City Airlines without a gynaecological certificate. However, from the 28th week of pregnancy onwards, it is recommended to carry a current certificate with you stating that the pregnancy is uncomplicated and that the expected date of birth is noted. It should also be explicitly confirmed that the pregnancy does not prevent the patient from travelling by air. 

In the case of uncomplicated twin or multiple pregnancies, flying is possible until the end of the 32nd week of pregnancy. 

Please download the certificate for your doctor to fill out and carry it with you during your flight:

Certificate for your air travel in case of pregnancy PDF

Irrespective of the health requirements listed above, some countries have different regulations. Lufthansa City Airlines accepts no liability in the event that you are not granted permission to fly due to the country-specific legal situation. The same applies in cases where you should be refused entry due to your pregnancy because of the local legal situation in your destination country. We therefore strongly recommend that you inform yourself in advance at the responsible authorities about the country-specific laws regarding flight permits for expectant mothers.

We are well prepared and do everything we can to ensure that our young passengers arrive at their destination as relaxed as possible. The Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service can be booked on all point-to-point connections (origin and destination FRA and MUC). The service is mandatory for UMs between the ages of five and 11, and optional for children 12 and older. Children aged 5-11 can travel with an accompanying person from their own family (e.g. siblings) who is at least 16 years old. For example, no UM service would be required if an older sibling (17 years) accompanied two younger siblings (10 years). When you make your booking, you will find the relevant forms for registration. In case of a Lufthansa City Airlines flight the following documents are to be filled out for unaccompanied minors (UM).

Unaccompanied minors form

The booking of the childcare service for children travelling alone as well as the corresponding flight booking is only possible via the Call Centre or at an airport counter. For the use of the childcare service, a fee of 75 € per leg and child travelling alone.